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    Question Is iPowerWeb ok? I've heard negative things.

    Hi! I have been thinking about signing up with iPowerWeb for a host. What makes me hesitate, though is the fact that I've heard negative things about them. Some people say that they have had trouble with their support. I am not sure if I believe this though, because from the letters I have sent them, it looks like they have it figured out, because it takes, at max, one day to receive a reply, sometimes even hours. I need advice. Thanks!

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    Use your instincts then, be a smart shopper.
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    Just make sure you pay for one month only and try them out to see how you like it.

    I'm currently with them and haven't had a single problem... then again, I have yet to contact support about anything.

    I have a friend who's with them since February/March of this year and he had two mishaps with them but nothing serious.

    Personally, I'm looking for something better, but currently they don't seem as bad as some of the older comments make them sound.

    Bottom-line: Give them a trial run.

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    Hello compufreak,

    I have about 10 clients and one personal site with Ipowerweb and haven't heard or seen any problems.

    Hope this helps,
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    I used them for one of my sites and they're OK. Support has improved ALOT as they use RightNow board for support ... and phone support has been increased to 24 hours.

    Generally their uptime is OK ... on par with most other hosting firms. If my site goes down, I just call them and they get it back up within minutes.

    SO far so good.
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    Nope. Support is still bad.

    I contacted them through both email and their help center with a question... it's been over 24h and not a word from them.

    Ah, well...
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    Originally posted by Saga
    Nope. Support is still bad.

    I contacted them through both email and their help center with a question... it's been over 24h and not a word from them.

    Ah, well...
    Tried calling?
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    Thank you everyone for your advice. I greatly appreciate the fact that there are nice people in the world that will lend some of their time to help others.

    I have decided to try out iPowerWeb's services. I signed up for the 12 month plan, because I get a free domain with it. I am still waiting for my account to become active, because I sent a check so it may take awhile for the process to complete. I will keep you posted on how things are going.

    Thanks again!

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    Smile Going good so far...

    So far with iPowerWeb things have been going good. Whenever I send them an e-mail requesting help, I receive a reply within at least 24 hrs, which is good enough for me. I am still waiting for CPanel 5 to come out, which is suppose to have a few more features and such. I am also still waiting for them to install a module for me so that some of my programs will run. Well, that's about all I can say for now. If anyone wants to look at my site it's at but I'm still in the process of building it and everything, so bare with me! Well, I have to run; bye!

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    Collin, they will be coming with some nice things for CPanel 5. I have been talking to David for a few days and by the sounds of it he has a lot of things plans to make his site even better.

    I have never used them but just thought i would add some input to this post.

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    Thumbs up Great!

    Thanks! I thought that CPanel 5 would be pretty cool. Do you know about when it will come out? Thanks!

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