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    * Support Adviser / Web Designer for hire *

    I am looking for a position in a web hosting company taking on support called using some sort of live software or via any system you already have. I have alot of Experience with Cpanel, Ensim and H-Sphere server aplications. My rate is Negotiable anything that you see fit is fine. I can also design web sites with basic understanding of PHP and advanced images using photoshop.
    if you are intrested please e-mail [email protected]
    FastRack Hosting - HTTP://WWW.FASTRACK-HOST.COM
    [email protected]

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    Lol. It would help if you knew how to spell Advisor correctly.

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    LOL indeed - sorry everyone i am tired
    FastRack Hosting - HTTP://WWW.FASTRACK-HOST.COM
    [email protected]

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