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    DNS Difficulties - Help Needed

    Four DNS's direct to a certain server. The first two DNS's work fine... they direct to the server, so when you type in the domain name, you're able to go to the main page of the domain's web site.

    Although the other two DNS's do not work. I've inserted them in the whois records of the domain name, but when visiting the domain name, it receives an error ... like a "Cannot find site" or "DNS error" type errors. The two DNS's apparently work with other domain names on that same server, but for some reason does not work with this domain name.

    What exactly is wrong?

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    can you be a bit more specific?

    would help to be able to look up some info
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    If you have multiple DNS servers in your domain record, they will be randomly given out when the root zone file is queried for your domain. You cannot list them in any order and have the registry pay attention to this, so if these two nameservers you have inserted do not have correct definitions for your domain, your domain will randomly be available or not.

    I don't know if this helps or is related to your issue, but you hinted at this in your question so it's the problem I answered .

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