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    5gb/50gb & 10gb/100gb reseller bargains!

    For a limited number of accounts (5):

    Professional Reseller:
    5gb Space
    50gb bandwidth
    24.99 UKP / $39.99 USD (monthly)

    Enterprise Reseller:
    10gb Space
    100gb bandwidth
    49.99 UKP / $79.99 USD (monthly)

    1 Month free for annual payment.

    Based on ensim control panel and includes own IP's for nameservers, we remain as transparent as possible.

    more info:
    this is not advertised on the site and is an exclusive opportunity for WHT members to join us!

    (We do not oversell our bandwidth or space, what you see is what you get)

    For more information please contact us: [email protected] or contact me via my sig info for any help you might need.

    Thankyou for your time.
    Matt Wallis
    United Communications Limited
    High Performance Shared & Reseller | Managed VPS Cloud | Managed Dedicated
    UK | US | Since 1998.

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    Only limited places now available on this exclusive reseller opportunity to WHT readers only.
    Simon Wallis
    United Communications Limited
    Shared | Reseller | Managed Dedicated | | Since 1998.

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