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    hostthru web site

    Well I just put one of my web site designers on a project for me he is reesigning thats the site he is doing. It is still in progress. I'm going to do alot more. Just want some opinions on what it looks like now. That link might have problems since he is not hosted with me.
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    I can say is that it really wouldn't suit a corporate web hosting site well.

    If you were to ever actually use that design, I would highly suggest offering a HTML site for visitors as well.

    The flash site IMO looks rather plain in boring. It needs more detail, color, and originality. Right now, it looks too simple and doesn't quite have a professional touch to it.

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    Like i said still in progress.
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    sorry, but i think its awful. its so boring. no detail, no impressive graphics. its just text and a picture with some moving scan lines. doesn't look professional at all. maybe it will be better when its done, but right now, its looking pretty weak. i hope you're not paying someone to make this

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