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    Exclamation logo/banner designer needed

    Hello everyone. Brian here.

    I am in search of a logo/banner designer for freelancing work. This person will operate under the guise of when dealing with our clients.

    I don't use Paypal, so I will need an alternate way to pay you, either by CC or mailing a business check or money order. If by M.O. I will ensure you are always paid in advance for 1 as when I get a client this will ensure there is no delay in starting the job.

    I had a pretty relaible guy that I have been using for the last year, but the last few weeks he has disappeared. I just lost the business because of it. In the crowded market that we are in, that is unacceptabel. I hope you agree.

    Here is what I want form the logo/banner designer:

    You must be good with a decent portfolio. This is needed because I will have to put examples of your work on my "buy a logo" page.

    You will have contact with my clients vis an email address such as [email protected] or [email protected]. At no time will your company be mentioned.

    This is what I was offering for logo design:

    Contact the client, get an idea of what is wanted. Then offer 3 versions. Once the version is picked work with the client to get it "just right". Then we optimize the final versions for use on the web or print and create 3 size versions of each.

    The banner deisgn is similar.

    Pricing I need form you:

    Logo design - $25.00
    Banner design: 468 x 60 120 x 60 120 x 90 125 x 125
    Static - $10
    Animated - $12
    Flash - $15
    Buttons: 88 x 31 88 x 33 $10

    Also, with whomever I choose, I will be in need of a logo and banner immediately for site that is being designed. And yes, I will pay the above prices for my logo and banner, I am not looking for free work.

    Brian Wilcox
    Owner -
    (Soon to be
    [email protected]
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    im interested can you contact me on iM?

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    Look up my portfolio and PM if interested (

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    You can see my portfolio here:

    and/or here:

    Just... your prices are TOO low.
    I usually charge $50 for logos for example... we can make some deal if you need more than 3 ... etc.

    Contact me if you're interested on my work, maybe not on the price tag you put here...

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    your prices are not intersting at all...plz try to give more reasonable prices
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