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    Recovering Passwords

    Is there anyway to recover a users password on a Raq4? I know I can change it to a new password but do not know if I can recover the old password. The reason being is that users are able to change there passwords via Openwebmail and so on so if I ever did a server upgrade I would not have all data on hand to put in new box.


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    You probably don't need unencrypted passwords to upgrade / transfer a machine. Linux uses shadow passwords and on the (great) utility WebMin you can even batch transfer user accounts and infos using list of pre-encrypted passwords so I guess the same can be done (theoretically) with a Cobalt box. We let some users manage their own UI and hence change passwords, we don't even keep them and just create new ones if they are forgotten. On the other hand, if that was a security problem for example, some passwords could be cracked with "special" tools but that's another subject altogether...

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