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    reseller with ?'s - need some help

    Im currently a reseller of low cost hosting on a reseller plan from They are great with support and all. They have one reseller package. It is $15 for 500mb of space and 5gb of bandwidth.

    Here is my problem. There is no way I can compete with most of the resellers here because of my limited bandwidth and space. What are my options? I had one lady contact me about 10 websites and another contact me asking for 200mb space and 20+gb bandwidth and I cant come close.

    Am I looking at a dedicated solution or is there a better reseller package out there that is cheap as what I have just with more features.....

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    There are loads of hosting companies that can offer a better package. I would have a good look around and see whats on offer.


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    I'd go with or

    Start with those two and compare them to others - but stick to cPanel/WHM or at least stay away from ensim. Also look at the special reseller offers and deals around here.

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    You should also try seeing if your existing company will offer you a larger account - that is, of course, if you are happy with them.

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    yes contact your host I am sure he will upgrade your account.
    As a business owner now you have to purchase what you need then resell it.
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    they only sell the one block of 500mb/5gb space for $15

    So to get what I could get elsewhere for $20 or so I would have to pay like $60

    Screw that im switching lol

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    It does pay to shop around and get a better deal. Just send your current company a little email asking for a few more options and a great deal to keep you there.

    If you truley have the hurge to move hosts, look around because there are some great bargains out there.


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    Yes, try browsing the forum, there are many great hosts that cater specifically to resellers

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    I recently got my own dedicated server but I am still with my reseller. They offer 5 GB storage and 75 GB bandwidth, with Plesk Server Admin. I'm pretty happy with them. If you want their web site, let me know and I'll give it to you.

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