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    Potential reseller seeks resources

    Hi all -

    I'm playing with the idea of becoming a reseller as part of a general marketing package.

    Thing is, aside from domain registration and customer support, what do I technically need to worry about?

    I'm really just looking for resources to plough through, so if anyone has any good detailed links on the subject I'd be most obliged.

    It's the technical operation I'd especially like to look into - for example, would I need to learn any programming scripts, or need to learn to execute certain programs using code, etc?

    Sincere thanks for replies,


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    The more knowledge about the software running on your server and programming languages, the better off you are. If you become a reseller, all server issues you get from your customers will have to be forwarded to your host, as you have no control of the server's behaviors. You can always say you won't support the various programming languages on your server and tell your customers to find a place which is dedicated to supporting those languages, but it would surely be nice to be able to answer any questions of their's.
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    If you are a reseller, I think you would need to learn how to use the control panel(s) in detail, like setting up accounts, password protection areas, branding, login.....etc.

    Regarding the technical side, you host should take care of these issues. (Security, upgrades...etc)

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    Thanks for the comments, folks - much obliged.

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    You have found a great resource with WHT. It's well worth regularly visiting the various forums to improve your knowledge in a wide range of areas.

    Good luck,
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    If you buy a reseller pakage - you do not have to wory about tech. The only thing you need - to know how to use your browser to access your Admin Panel. And it's easy to manage your client's accounts as having Cola at any MacDuk.
    Another thing - is to get a good deal.
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