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    Question Bridging 3 sites together?

    Hello, I have a question and was hoping someone here could help me out. I have 3 sites that require logins. 2 sites are postnuke site and then I have a phpbb message board. I would like users to be able to log into one of the site and when they go to one of the other sites it will automatically log them in or they will already be logged in. Any ideas? Here is my example: I goto the message board and log in to submit a thread. Then I go to one of the postnuke sites which will log me in automatically or when I logged in to the message board I also logged into the postnuke sites to submit a news thread? Is this possible and if so is there an easy to use program or something? Not a programmer by any means so simple is good. Thanks

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    I know what you're thinking of. AOL Instant Messenger and Hotmail have their 'passport' features. Try asking for a custom script on the Jobs Offers forum.


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