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    Minimum contract period?

    I'm looking for a dedicated server. I've found that some suppliers only want to tie me to a month contract, while some insist on a six-month minimum and some even ask for a guaranted year!

    The longer it is, the more concerned I am. I'm worried about signing up to something which ties me in the event of me wanting to leave or their service going down to force me to leave.

    Is it normal for suppliers to ask for a 6 month or yearly contract?

    Also, I've heard some suppliers are preapred to negotiate on setup fees to offset longer (6 & 12 month) contracts - is this the normal practice?



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    Yes, common practice

    There is a cost to set up the server for you. Likewise, if you cancel, there is a cost to set it up for the next user. So, the common practice is to either (1) charge a setup fee, or (2) require a minimum contract period to avoid a setup fee. Generally when option 2 is chosen, providers will still require at least two months or more up front. Unfortunately, there are just too many people trying for 30 days or less with no real commitment to staying.

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