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    Unhappy subdomains will not work... need help plz

    Hey guys.

    Was hoping someone might be able to give me some info...

    As of right now, NONE of my client accounts have their subdomains working... I went into WHM and enabled subdomains on all accounts, but still nothing.

    Any idea?

    PS. Posted this also in control panel area... need an asnwer!!!

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    If you would be more specific what you are doing it might help. In any case youcan check the following :

    1 - Subdomain is created in DNS and pointing to IP address.(Server)

    2 - That Subdomain is created on the server either in httpd.conf or IIS or which ever Web Server you are using.

    3- And the subdomain is pointing to the right directory.


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    Make sure you enable sub domain in WHM for each account.
    If you don't you won't be able to access them.

    I just checked out the httpd.conf file and the info shows up.
    The folder works
    but doesn't.

    Anyone have any more info on this?

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    is there a * A record in the DNS entry for the domains?
    if not try adding that pointing to the ip of the server...

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