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    Unhappy Subdomains are not working...

    Hey guys.

    Was hoping someone might be able to give me some info...

    As of right now, NONE of my client accounts have their subdomains working... I went into WHM and enabled subdomains on all accounts, but still nothing.

    Any idea?

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    No expert, but I've had this happen before. Support fixed it but here's what I remember from it.

    Were the sub-directories working before?

    The redirects to the directories might be the problem - check the httaccess (sp)

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    did you mean that the user control panels doesnot have the feature of subdomains or their subdomains are not working when added..

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    i think the sub-domain just don't work, i think i know the problem

    when they create a sub-domain, stay it like that do not put the url and make it as a redirect or it will not work

    when you create a sub-domain it will make a folder (same name as the sub-domain) and put all your files there and everything should work fine

    but if you want to make as now you should make it as a redirect

    ok i think everything right
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