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    Feedback related to &

    Hi Gururz,

    I need a feedback related to and Unhosting are having very cheap plans but i dont know whether they are good or bad.
    Anybody suggest me which to select from both of them. Thanks


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    Do a little search by clicking the search button on the top..I am sure you will find some reviews on them ...

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    Unhostings site is a ripof of I would not go with unhosting if i were you

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    8,275's plans look fairly reasonable. Their domain is pretty new, created on June 4th of this year. had a few problems earlier. I don't know if their problems have been sorted out yet or not.

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    Thanks a lot for your valuable comments.

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    1,598 is a company I would suggest avoiding.

    Do a search and you'll know why...

    In addition, check out their forums:

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