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    installling cpanel to new server


    When installing to a new server, then appearing "Upgrading perl..-" for long time waiting.


    Thanks for your help

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    maybe because perl didnt install when u installed the OS, did the same thing to me earlier today, so i killed it, and downloaded the install for perl on layer1

    once thats done i will rerun setup

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    astraler2k, can I ask where you get this server? Because few weeks ago we have the same problem on new server, and we return it. Maybe you purchase it?
    P.S. I beleave it's memory problem.
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    i was right....i ran perl install first and then install file, and worked like a charm

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    well i didn't do anything.. just sat staring at the black screen and eventually it installed perl 5.6.1 [i think] and then everything else
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    It took awhile to install perl on my machine also. Im sure its normal.
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