The purpose of this thread is not to discuss whether SPEWS is good or bad or the ethics of their methodology. Nor is it intended for listed spammers. It is for web hosts to exchange ideas and suggestions on what to do when they find their IPs listed in spews through no fault of their own.

"SPEWS retarders" suggestions, (ie plead in newsgroups & get flamed, complain to your upstream, etc) have been well documented in other threads, and are of no much interest to people reading this thread.

To start with, spews needs to realize that the antagonistic nature of their methodology only serves to alienate legitimate providers with strong anti-spam policies and track records. In the long term, turning these providers against them will only ensure SPEWS demise.

Changing upstreams is not a viable option either for most web hosts. It would be a logistics and economical nightmare.

So what can spews do to make web hosts happy? For once, they need to offer a lightning-quick way to get de-listed. Pleading in newsgroups and getting flamed is not an option. This would go a long way in appeasing web hosts.

However, being realistic, I don't think spews is about to even consider changing their ways. So how do we deal with them? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Educate customers and ISPs about the gross inaccuracies of spews, the clandestine, extortive nature of its organization, and the inherent flaws of its system.

2. Ask customers to put pressure on their ISPs to stop using spews. "Reputable ISPs do not use spews".

3. Suggest alternative ISPs in the customer's area who do not rely on spews for spam control.

4. Educate ISP's using spews and encourage them to stop using it.

5. Make it financially beneficial for ISPs to not use spews: Refer to them customers who have experienced problems because of their current ISP's use of spews.

6. When you find your IPs blocked by an ISP using spews, return the favor: block their IP's from all access to your servers.
Let them do some explaining to their customers.

7. Publisize the errors of spews, and how an obscure group of self-proclaimed anti-spam fanatics is trying to extort legitimate businesses who have done nothing wrong.

8. Publisize the problems spews creates for innocent customers and companies that are cought in the middle of spews' "stop-spam-at-all-costs" crusade.