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    Australians Unite (Red Cross Bali Attack Relief Fund). Please Donate. Details Inside

    Hello all,

    Today is the Australian national day of mourning for the victims of the Bali terrorist attack on October 12th.

    Im post here now, asking for you all to dig deep and donate to the Australian Red Cross Bali Relief. This relief fund assists victims of both Australia and Bali through care, therepy, materials, blood etc.

    Visit and please give. For those who cannot make a donation money, pleave donate your thougths by lighting a candle (details on site).

    Thank you all.

    Jon - Yes Im using a friends account as I cannot post here (due to the 1 advert per 5 days, but I really believe this is needed to be posted).

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    could you please tell us more about the mourning day?

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    Well across the nation, towns and cities held memorials and church cerimonies for the victims aswell as on television it was published for most of the day. In the night on channel 7, there was a system simular to what the Americans did for the day of mourning of the 9/11 attacks.... music stars played from different locations around the country and Australian celebrities were in the studios waiting for phone calls from donators.

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