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    haha ok someone tell me if this isnt funny

    After clicking on the reseller link at istacia.coms site and scrolling back up the page to the info about the servers they had this to say....

    "All of our servers are connected to 10Mbps connections on 1.7 Ghz Pentium 4's with

    512 megabytes of RAM. In short - providing optimal speed and reliability!"

    I sure hope 10mbps is a typo lol....

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    1mbps can push about 300GB of bandwidth per month
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    but why advertise 10mbps when almost all cards sold today are 10/100mbps. Anyone in their right mind would be running em at 100 instead of 10.

    I just found that part funny

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    The card/switch may be 10/100 but the connection is 10 mbps. 10 mbps is not a great connection, but it may work out just fine, depending on how many servers you have. Just remember that T1 is 1.5 bmps

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    What difference would 100 mbps make if the host only has 10mbps lines running to it? I'm not trying to say that this is the case here, but there are times when it doesn't make much of a difference. It would be a bigger difference if they were running it at full vs half duplex. To me, what matters is the hosts connectivity to the internet more than what their internal network runs at. If they have a 3mbps connection to the internet, does a 100mbps network really do anything? No, not really. All it'll do is get the traffic to the bottleneck that much faster.
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    true true

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    It's only ever gonna be as fast as the slowest part unfortunately.

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    besides, do you want to pay extra so a host can have a faster internal data transfer rate?

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    Have you priced a 10MPS connection?

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