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    Question Putting together Site Buiding Company

    I was not sure which area I should post this, so if this is the wrong place, Sorry.

    My question is this. I have gotten pretty good at building sites in HTML and have done a few sites for friends and contacts for free.
    I would like to start doing this for fee, but I'm needing info on these things.

    1. What to offer customer. Leave it cut and dry this is what I can do? or be open to their suggestion. I know my current limits.

    2. How much to charge. Seperate graphics, pages, content?

    3. Most business I would try to drum up would be local merchants who may not have immediate access to the web. How would I show them examples. I have no laptop.

    4. Offer upkeep of the site? Or offer simple training program.

    5. Best hosting company to set them up with?

    Any other obstacles I may not have thought of would be of intrest to me as well.

    Thanks in advance.

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    This is not the right forum...

    but that's ok you are new. I am sure a moderator will move this, or they are listed at the side, and you can email asking one to move the thread.

    In the mean time you might create a few samples. Post a link in the reveiw thread and I am sure everyone there will be happy to review and suggest prices and other information.

    Finding a host is a matter of opionon. Just read the threads find an offer you like and then go for it.

    For showing your work??? If they don't have internet access, then they will have to have it eventually if they are going to use your site design. But I guess you could do a screen capture and print. (I would ask around and see what other designers do in this situation.)

    -You should probably offer a certain amount of site maintainace, or upkeep. It builds good customer relationships, and your customers know that you are going to be there tomorrow.

    If I run into a mod, I will get them to move this to a different forum where you will get more responses.

    I would try Website Reviews or running a webhosting business.

    Good luck and welcome.
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    One thing to remember is that different components of a website are worth different amounts.

    for instance:

    Graphic work is worth more than html coding

    CGI / script programming is also worth more than html coding (Somtimes even more than graphic work)

    This is why when you break down the parts of a web site, you should consider different costs for different parts of the job, depending on the expertise and skill required.

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