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    Paid account giveaway - no catches no banners

    For a limited few customers, by invitation only, we are offering our 'Advanced' hosting account for free. We are NOT a "free" hosting company. We do not offer "free" hosting where we put banners, etc. on other people's sites. The only requirement is that you allow us to link TO your site from ours, and what is spelled out below. No reciprocal link is required.

    NOTE: **Please do not go to our site and sign up for the Advanced account, thinking it will be free. This is by invitation only, and any orders processed via the site are for paid orders only. Thank you!**

    Here's the details if you wish to apply for an invitation:

    What you get if accepted-

    Advanced account:

    *400 Megs space
    *10GB bandwidth
    *75 email accounts
    *75 mailing lists
    *email forwards
    *subdomain support
    *shopping cart
    *MySql support
    *PHP support
    *web redirects
    *Top Cpanel control panel
    *quality Linux servers
    *Normal price: $14.95 month (free if accepted)


    1. Have a current domain that is creative and/OR has an established audience. Established traffic is NOT necessary if you have a creative domain that is catchy and we enjoy it. If you don't have a domain yet, then write us a paragraph telling us what you will do with your domain, etc, and convince us.

    (Example: you want to put on the web the first ever watermelon festival site, with your original watermelon recipes. Or your real estate business is really growing and you are going to have a highly professional site with virtual tours, etc.)

    Ok, not a great example, but you get the idea. Your site can be about your business, hobbies, movies -- doesn't matter, as long as one of the two requirements above are met.

    2. You agree to our standard hosting terms that all paid customers agree to. (No spam, no warez, etc. -- this is a must...we are not offering hosting for a file server! Picture gallerys, etc are fine though of course as long as you stay within your bandwidth.) Bandwidth is limited to your 10GB. If you accidently go over by a small amount, no big deal. However, any large overages would cause suspension of the site or we would have to charge at our standard overage rate.

    3. Your account will be renewed on a yearly basis. You understand that just as with paid accounts, we have the right to terminate your account. (We will NOT come to you asking you to pay after a month or something like that - you are already "paying" us with the link we are using to your site!)

    4. No other catches. No banners, etc. Hope we have made that clear, but understand that some may doubt our sincerity. You are paying us by allowing us to link to you and send you traffic from our site.

    5. You must have a domain name. ( You must purchase this from us for $5,000. Just kidding - you thought we were serious?! Actually, you must purchase this from someone else. $8 a year or whatever is available from tons of registrars out there. We will not give this offer for domains we register so there is no misunderstanding that we are trying to charge you for anything.
    All other details available in our hosting terms.

    Please-- only email us for this offer at:

    [email protected]

    Please feel free to check out our site at

    Any other questions, feel free to ask!


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    thats a heck of a deal

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    Hi - this is just to let everyone know that this offer is still open. We have had several people apply. If you are under 18 in the U.S., we will need to get a fax giving you permission to use our services. Otherwise, please feel free to email us or ask questions here. We have maybe 2 or 3 slots still open.


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    hi i just sent you a pm

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