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Thread: IOG Grapher

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    IOG Grapher

    Has anyone successfully ran the IOG Grapher version 1 at

    I have been battling it all day and keep getting errors.

    The error is:

    SNMP Error:
    Received SNMP response with error code
    error status: noSuchName
    index 1 (OID:
    SNMPv1_Session (remote host: "" [].161)
    community: "public"
    request ID: -383065919
    PDU bufsize: 8000 bytes
    timeout: 2s
    retries: 5
    backoff: 1)

    It has to do with the oidnames

    The line that errors is
    my @oids = ($inoid,$outoid);

    The lines before that set the OID are:

    my %oidnames = qw(ifInOctets

    The switch is a cisco 2950. Anyone know what rae the correct OID values for the cisco, or what could be going wrong with this?

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    I assume your comm string is cloaked, since I can't walk that IP, unless snmp is turned off.

    Try snmpwalk <IP Addy> <comm string> system to see if it's turned on

    IF so, snmpwalk public | grep <OID>
    to see if thats a valid OID for that router.

    Then head off to google to get a list of OID's for that router, just so you have them.

    If you don't have any snmp command tools PM/IM me. I don't know what RH has loaded.
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