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    Hosting Site Redesign

    I recently posted a similar thread, and I found someone who I thought would do it. Well, I gave him part of the money up front, and now he has disappeared. So here I am again.... For all you designers and graphics people out there:

    Complete site redesign, including new logo and look. Possible Flash incorporated into it, depending on the price. Just the grpahics work, I will do all the necessary html and scripting.

    If interested, contact me at [email protected] and let me know your experience/examples and a price range.


  2. #2 - i'll charge somewhere like $120 with no flash.

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    Hey, who was the designer that ditched you? Give us details.


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    You just want a template?

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    I would like to assist you! I am selling these designs: Design One
    I like this one, Its sort of silvery, fast and higly original. This design included customisation for plans and title and copyright only. CSS, slicing, photoshop & fireworks files, and HTML files included. Asking price=$65 Design Two
    This design is also original and blue, white AND silver. I will customize all the text only. All files (e.g. html, css, photoshop, fireworks, slicing ect.) included. Asking Price=$70 Design Three
    This design is my only design which includedes mouseovers and a subpage for free. The website is down at the moment unfortunately All files included (sorry, no CSS). Customization of the text, logo etc included. Asking price = $50 Design Four
    Also original, all files included and customization. Asking price = $50

    For $10-$30 I do logos:
    I do custom templates which YOU own all the files and rights to from $20.
    To buy a design, email me [email protected] with the design you want. You may be able to bargain me down a little bit. If you need a design done within 24-48 hours, custom templates start from $50.
    All custom designs include 1 subpage, search optimsation and more! I have the following plan currently available:

    Quick Design 48er
    Express 48 hour design
    1 main page
    5 subpages (customised to your needs)
    3 consultations
    1 major design change
    Search engine optimisation
    Sorry, template can not be resold without written permission.
    From Only US$75

    Slow Design Unlimited
    Slow Anywhere from 1 day to even a month!
    1 main page
    5 subpages (customised to your needs)
    Unlimited MSN consultations
    2 consultations
    1 major design change
    Search engine optimisation
    Sorry, template can not be resold without written permission.
    From Only US$35

    Limited time only Purchase any deal by Friday, November 1, 2002 and receive a free logo design valued at $10-$30!

    I will not resell these designs again, you own the rights once you buy.
    If you can not afford to pay me in cash (via paypal or check/money order) I will accept web hosting. Web hosting is also acceptable.
    I also sell the following extras:
    Colour Change = $10
    Sub page = $25 first 1, than $15 for the next 3, than $10 there after.
    Additional Page = $12 (for 3)
    All prices in US dollars.

    I am currently doing a design for 'swell host':
    It's a low quality screenshot, and their on a tight budget too.
    I am also working with Direct Web Solutions to redo there website for their new marketing campaign.
    Sorry about this being rather unorganised, I'm redoing this message soon and my portfolio.

    PM me on WHT: whatever
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]
    Hostime Managed Hosting
    Opening the bridge between your business and the world.

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    Seaford, DE
    Professional portfolio:

    Version 2 of recent templatep[still adding some content/animations]:

    He is risen!!!

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    I will make you a logo for $50 ...
    (see my portfolio and/or my message history here )

    Then we can talk about the template with or without flash,etc.
    all depends on what are you willing to pay...
    it just maths, time is money... in more time I will do better things that will cost more... you know

    oh... I'm a professional, take some time and look my msg history to look what people says ...

    CAS Networks SL | Businesss Solutions Provider
    ->, IT Related B2B since 1997.
    -> Premium Dedicated Servers & Private Reseller Accounts
    -> Web Design, Corporate Image Design, Graphic Design

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