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    Do u provide the photographs and stuff like that? And what is the site about?

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    Erm.. Photographs are not needed on this site except for pics of products and yes I will provide the pics for the products. Its basically an ONLINE STORE where clothes, music cd's, movies, etc.. will be sold.

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    Okay i knew it was an online store but it meant in what kind of articles, but u also mentioned that

    Is there any particulair deadline?

    The styles you just showed for an example are pretty easy to create so i can take the job if no one contacted you yet.

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    What kind of e-commerce site will this be about? General products (like

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    Yes.. something similar to

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    Deadline is ASAP!.. I need this design QUICK!

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    What is the name of the store?

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    Name has not yet been decided upon. But will be.. tomorrow.

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    So you need this ASAP, but don't even have a name?!
    Lead Designer @ SingleHop

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    lol.. i didnt say i didnt have a name.. I said the name has been undecided. I have several un-registered names, just trying to pick one.

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    It's ready :). Download it.

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    Sorry im not looking for a design like that.. and by the way i already have a designer working on it.

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