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    Question PayPal Debit Card-Savings Account, HOW?

    I recently signed up for PayPal and I tried to set up a debit card (CAD) and not a Credit Card. I got everything right untill it came to this: Ya what if you don't have a check at the moment. It askes for your Institution Number (3 digits) that appears on your check. Uh how do you actually get it? I'm having trouble. I signed up for a Premier account and my Account is still Unverified. If someone could help me, I'd aprecciate it!

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    you should be able to call your bank rep and they will tell you...
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    It sounds like the bank id.

    On the check at the bottom. you have 5/numbers the branch transit #. Then your 3 digit bank id number/ and finally a 7-11 digit account number.

    Sounds like they want the bank id. The 3 digits after the 5 digit code on the bottom of your check.

    Hope that helps.

    Eg. The 5 digit will represent your specific branch location. (Main intersection etc.)
    The 3 digits will represent the different banks.
    The 7-11 is your specific account number with that bank.

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