I have a client with a website who would like to offer one position to a US based company.

The position will be top of each page, the site has dynamically created pages so the banner will appear on all new pages automatically. Only one banner will go on the site.

There are a couple of small rotation banners 120x120 at this time, but no hosting banners at all. No drop offs at all.

The site is US Based with only US Content

At this time the site charges a fee for listings (Currently around $50 per month in subscriptions) and is considering making the site free to subscribe and this would increase the hit rate considerably.

The domain appears on the first page of Google and Yahoo search for its category (not hosting)

On the top of the third page of Altavista search and differenct positions on numerous other search engines.

Below are the Stats for October so far.

Price very negotiable.

Monthly Statistics for October 2002

Total Hits 21953
Total Files 15475
Total Pages 1846
Total Visits 788
Total KBytes 154947

Total Unique Sites 1114
Total Unique URLs 169
Total Unique Referrers 251
Total Unique User Agents 312

. Avg Max

Hits per Hour 50 614
Hits per Day 1219 2131
Files per Day 859 1770
Pages per Day 102 757
Visits per Day 43 85
KBytes per Day 8608 23274

Please send expressions of interest to [email protected] for full details.

Do not post here with questions!!!!!!!!!!!! They will not be answered.