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  1. #1 is it good?

    Has anyone used it? Is it good?

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    We use 2checkout...although i have not with drawn my first payment yet..would love to hear about them...

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    Alot of hosts use 2checkout

    Even more will be using it when their API comes out

    But anyways, 2checkout is great. $49 one time fee! You can't beat that

    Hope that helps,

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    We have been using 2checkout for about 11 months and have never had a problem. Seem to be a freindly bunch of people over there. And like for $50 bucks and 5.5% + .49 its alot cheaper than a merchant account unless you are running thousands of dollars a week.

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    the only problem with 2checkout is their reply time on trouble ticket is too slow. It would take them from 1 to 2 days to get your question answer.

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    I dont care about support, i care about the fees! Lol, it seems to be pretty good... Great, i am going to sign up this monday!

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    In this industry, you'd better start caring about tech support or you won't get far

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    I don't think that i need live support for this matter... what could be wrong?

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    They're OK. I get my money very fast. The only time I had a delay due to they anti-fraud checking ... but I called them and resolved the matter in a few days. Now things are good.
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    2Checkout is pretty good. Problem is they are too slow replying to tickets and emails. Takes days and days and days....

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    Originally posted by seiya
    I don't think that i need live support for this matter... what could be wrong?
    HAHAHA... all as i can say is good luck!! I thought the same when i started(a year ago).
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    From what I hear, they aren't as good as Paysystems:
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