iKiwi Internet offers offsite server backups, It's not as easy as just setting up a cron job. A software called rsync is setup and configured on the backup server,
and a cron job is also setup on there to get the data from the client server. Then, on the client server, rsync has
to be configured to let the backup server access it.

Our backup servers are monitored 24/7 and are running the Red Hat Linux operating system. In the event one of your servers has an unexpected failure of some sort and you are unable to restore files our administration will restore your server to the last time it was backed up.

Our backup servers are located out of our main datacenter. In a datacenter in Canada.


There is a setup fee of $15 USD for each server, this includes one of our Server Techs configuring your server to send files to ours via Rsync.

Backup Space

Pricing for backup services is comprised from the amount of space your backups consume. Our set packages are listed below. These prices are quoted for 48 hour backups please contact us on pricing for daily or weekly backups.

Space: 10 GB HDD space
Setup Fee $15
Cost $19.95 Monthly

Space: 20 GB HDD space
Setup Fee $15
Cost $29.95 Monthly

Space: 30 GB HDD space
Setup Fee $0
Cost $39.95 Monthly

Space: 40 GB HDD space
Setup Fee $0
Cost $49.95 Monthly

If your backups exceed 40 gigabytes please contact us for a quote, Anyone using 50 gigs or more should consider a personal backup server starting at only $99.95 per month.

Please visit this URL: https://secure.ikiwi.net/backupservice/order.html to order or feel free to contact us for more information.