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    Question Has anyone heard of


    I am looking for a host to do dynamic web pages on. This will be my first host but I know I want to do a database driven site.

    I was looking at because they offered a wide variety of server side technologies, asp, cold fusion etc. for a really good price.

    Has anyone heard of them?

    I have searched this site as well as Google for any comments on them and I haven't been able to find anything so I am a little concerned.


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    What a choice name.
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    sorry, but i've never heard of them. try doing a search!

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    Re: Has anyone heard of

    Originally posted by satelite
    I have searched this site as well as Google
    Originally posted by bruce1234at
    try doing a search!

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    LOL! Some folks can't read huh?

    -12 hour wait on account set ups.
    -Billing is done the first week of every month. *Side note: Be sure to sign up on the first week of next month if you are interested.
    -Been in business since Feb. 1, 1997

    Hope this helps you out. I found it on their Frequently Questions page.

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