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    Arrow Help Understanding Enom's PDQ - Registry Rocket - API

    I've had an enom reseller account for a while now and I'm just getting around to setting it up fully on my site.

    The one feature I am interested in, is the fact that domains registered on my site will show me as being the registrar....but no where on the site can I find if this feature comes with both PDQ, Registry Rocket or my own API or not?

    I do have my own merchant account, although I don't have it setup for online I'm not sure if I can use the API function?

    Does anyone know of an online demo of the Registry Rocket Feature? I'm not finding one on Enom's site.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You can most likely integrate the API with your cc processing, however I am not the one to ask about how to go about to do that. DRAMS might give you somethign more or less set to go, right out of the box for less mental stress than doing it yourself.

    As for RegistrtyRocket, info:
    A sample RR link:

    Not much to do in the way of demo'ing really.

    One thing about RegRocket is that users do NOT create an account as they would with the API/PDQ, so all doains are dumped into your account (which can be good if you want that, or bad if you don't). Users login via domain name and password, not into an 'account' and see all their domains. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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