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    with so many hosts, and so many scams... how can you REALLY be sure?

    ive been shopping around, and obviously, i want to make sure i make the right decision in choosing a host. so, i thought that if i search these forums, id get some insight and direction where to look. but every other thread i see, theres some scammer or shady business going on. what gives? i just want a host that'll provide me w/ good service that i wont have to worry about.

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    I agree, it is difficult to determine which companies are legit and which won't be around next week. The suggestions I can offer are:

    1) Do a search here, as you have, and you will be able to weed out the worst hosts.

    2) Email / phone the host, which will tell you the time frame for support tickets and sales questions and at the same time give you an idea of the quality of staff that the company provides.

    3) Ask some friends who have websites for recommendations. Your friends will be honest with you.

    4) Make sure the host has a money back policy.

    5) Read the TOS for the host, it might help you figure out who else will be on the server with you. If the TOS are fairly open, you may (or may not) end up on a server that crashes alot due to the scripts etc that are allowed on the server.

    6) And remember that a low price does not mean bad service and that a high price does not mean great service.

    7) And last but not least, if the host throws in a new car with any hosting order..... GO FOR IT!
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    That is why I offer free trials to my pre-clients who want to host with me, but just not sure.

    See if your host can give you a free trial.

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    I would say the best way to look for a web host here is to monitor the messages on the web site the next 30 days.

    You will see some great offers by many web hosts, then search the website for messages about them. But also search for messages that they leave around the web site.

    If the web host acts like a goof in posting messages, he will run the business the same way.

    I selected a reseller account from because:

    1 - almost no negative comments abnout them when i searched
    2 - most posts by myles were informative when i searched
    3 - i got a great deal

    2 months later I am still pleased with my services.
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    Search the fourms a bad post doesn't make them bad and a good
    one doesn't make them good. Tell the host if this your first time be honest you will not fool a provider he will be able to see threw any bull real quick. Look at how you can contact them e-mail and instant msg sytems are good but a phone # is better even if it's not toll free. you can tell by there voice if it's a kid or a business and also they are reachable other than the net. If they have a merchant account paypal,2 checkout or any number of credit card processors these accounts cost money and you do have a recourse if a problem can not be settled. Ask questions, the only dumb question is the one you don't ask.....
    More than likley this does not help but maybe it will
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    The bottom line: "You get what you pay for"

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    You're already on track. I was in your shoes about 10 months ago. I found WHT and read the posts then decided to email one of them and give them a try. After about a week I transfered all my accounts. You can't go too wrong with any of the hosts that receive praise here. There are many of them, too. I prefer the 'mom & pop' type hosts you find here rather than the 'nationally advertised' host I was with.

    It's been 9 months now and I haven't been disappointed yet.
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    The bottom line: "You get what you pay for"
    Not always

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    Originally posted by goodness0001

    Not always
    Exactly. You can get web hosts that are complete scams that up their prices to make their products and services look so professional, when really they aren't.
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    And vice versa.


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    the safest way is to do your homework and ask other people who they recommend
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    I don't agree with that "You get what you pay for slogan" I need to copyright it and charge people each time they use it.

    What you should look for in a host is a history page if possible, if not e-mail them. Do a search on google, make sure they are listed. If not, most likely they have not been online for more than 2 months. I'd go with an established host.

    Many reputable hosts overcharge in my eyes, it's good to ask them how well their support department is. Don't fall into online documents or long tutorials.

    Another way to find a good host is to search on,, and And look over reviews made by current and former consumers of that company.

    Take that approach, and you'll find out the host that's right for you. (Doesn't that sound like a commercial? )

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    I agree. "You get what you pay for" is a meaningless phrase. It should be "You pay for what you get." Because, in the long run, you end up paying, one way or another, for what you get.
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    intellec get what you pay for and you pay for what you get....

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    Yes - use the search function button on the top right nav bar for WHT to search for threads mentioning companies you may have noticed here. Ignore advertising threads. Look out for complaints. Be cautious regarding recommendations from WHT Newbies and those hosted only a couple of weeks.

    Narrow your list down, then e-mail presales questions - anything - and note the response time. The better hosts will get to you quickly.

    Yes - as above - note the attitude of hosting owners posting on WHT, especially with regards to how they handle objections to their service - will show who displays the necessary maturity to run a long-term business.

    Price isn't everything - but there are some good cheap hosts out there. Generally, you get what you pay for, but newer business will sometimes keep prices low at cost to themselves to try and attract a reliable customer base. Find out about uptime and backbone connections if you can, though.

    Possibly try to avoid resellers, as there's no way of knowing whether they're in it for short-term gain, or they're professional dedication to it. Plus if anything goes wrong, they can't solve the issue for you - though the good ones will do everything they can. Those with their own servers are taking personal risks to ensure a long-term business success, so you may infer something of their dedication to the business. Besides, I wouldn't believe in middle-men unless I were one

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    The hosting industry is the final dot bomb industry. It just lags behind the bigger 2001 ones.

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    Originally posted by Netbridge
    The hosting industry is the final dot bomb industry. It just lags behind the bigger 2001 ones.
    I think with the changes to the third party processing rules we will see a reduction in the number of small non US based hosting businesses selling into the US market.

    Given the explosion in the number of these businesses, it might be worth looking for a web host who has ben around for a while.

    Also, try and find out if they make a profit!
    If a company is not making a profit then its not likley to be around for long.

    We are going to start publishing our companies annual accounts on our site when this years audit is complete (Christmas time).
    They are alaready in the public domain anyway, but I think it will improve transparency to make them freely available for potential customers.

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    Everybody can get a cheap $99 per month server and start reselling it, they start charging pennies for the world, and finally, they get boring of work too many hours for a small profit, then is when they decided to leave their customers waiting while they have a life (you can't have a life in this industry, at least, I don't have one, working more than 15 hours a day the 7 days of the week).

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