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    Please review

    Please review I'm interested your opinions on site loading speed and easy of navigation.

    Thank you.

    Alex \ \

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    Sorry, I meant "ease" of navigation

    Alex \ \

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    Site looks great, and I've always been a fan of your work.

    Navigating the site is no problem for me, nor is the loading time.

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    Ooh, I like. Nicely done with the layout.

    Doesn't take too long to load on a dial-up [from the UK], but because the graphics are so varied, there's something to catch the attention while it all loads up.

    Couple of small pointers, though:

    1/ Header graphic, bottom left - "Dear Visitor" isn;t necessary, and starting with an upper case "D" implies the start of a new sentence clause, such as when starting a letter, rather than connecting to the clause immediately above.

    2/ There's no disinction made between what is Qesign and Magia - it's like the site has two logos. If Magia is a person with Qesign, it needs clarifying - otherwise may cause confusion.

    3/ The changing graphic under the header - Qesign/Design - personally wouldn't recommend it - you need to ensure that the company name is clear and unambiguously presented from the start to make it more memorable. Yes, it's a nice touch, but it affects that ambiguity.

    4/ Would recommend text within the advert [under the right hand nav bar] as white for clearer contrast - light blue on dark blue doesn;t provide that. You may have your monitor brightness/contrast right up, but folks like me, who don;t want to burn our eyes out using the PC all day, have it turned right down, thus eliminating most contrast and affecting ease of reading where little contrast is offered.

    5/ Your template link sticks out [near the bottom] - but it implies only one template being sold. Recommend you make more of a showcase - figure good marketing will include, offer, and demonstrate different variations, not least with colour and basic presentation elements. Otherwise, you're asking someone if they want a site clone. No good for real businesses - which is kicking yourself out of a good market.

    Btw - you haven't actually named your web page files - for example, on this page at WebHostingTalk, it says so at the very top of the explorer window, and also at the bottom in the desktop footer. Yours simply states the URL. Simple presentation issue of saving your files with name like "Qesign" and then renaming after FTPing [or click and rename on saved file in Windows Explorer, or similar - actual saved name of file will be preserved].

    Anyway - well done! Interesting work.

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    Not bad. I like the design. The load time didn't seem to bad for me except for your rollovers. It would take them a couple seconds to load up. Not sure if it's the file size or your script. Also, the new thing must be to have large headers. Don't get me wrong, the header is nice, but I think it's too big. It just takes up too much of the page instead of getting right to the content. Otherwise very nice.
    Kevin Hauge
    Modern Leaf Design

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    Great looking site. I don't know how well those humans standing at the top of your page fits in. It seems like the rest of your page is all flashy and makes the humans stand out from the rest.

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    You don't have permission to access to this document on our server.

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    Thank you very much for useful advices and comments!
    I really appreciate it.

    Alex \ \

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    Re: Please review

    Thank you ALL for review!

    Alex \ \

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    Chandler, Arizona
    Very nice love it...
    -Robert Norton

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    Oct 2002
    Hi Magia,

    Nice work, i am impressed.

    But, (there's always a but isn't there...i Hate but's), taking a look at your site in NS4.7 reads very differently.

    There are a few blocks mis-aligned and it doesnt look too happy.

    Let me know if you need a screenshot, i will provide.

    Good luck though, it's definitely eye catching!


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    I liked their name ... how the "q" is an inverted "d" ... and that idea stayed in my head a long time ... till now I thought it was so innovative!
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    Really like it. First where I cant suggest anything. Good job and well done.
    IQ Studio
    [email protected]

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