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    New web host customer management system

    AutoCMS is an automated customer manager system designed by and for web hosts and web host resellers and developed by iSPtek.

    It is platform independent and will run on any nix server no matter what web panel is installed. The only requirements are PHP version 4.0.6 or above MySQL and Zend Optimizer.

    You do not need root access to install and the software comes with a quick and easy web install program.

    The system will take care of customer signup, domain registration (you will need an OpenSRS or Enom account), real time payment processing with the following payment processors:

    WorldPay including FuturePay

    It has both a customer interface and an admin interface, customers can login to check invoices, package particulars, view your FAQ, open a support ticket and more...

    The system comes complete with built in FAQ engine, support ticket help desk, affiliate program and more...

    Launch is scheduled for 1st quarter 2003

    Please visit for more information

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    It looks exactly like the Plesk forums? (w/o the logo) and it's just a forum.

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    It looks exactly like the Plesk forums? (w/o the logo) and it's just a forum.
    Wheres the information on the product?
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    the site will be launched with the press launch, we have enabled the forum for anyone who has any pre-launch questions.

    There is a brief description of the product here:

    If you have any questions feel free to post in the forum.

    The simalarities with the Plesk forum were not intentional, our colors are similar, the forum design is not complete and is a 'skeleton' design until our site is launched when the forum will then have the full site nav bar in etc at present that isn't possible as the site is not live, but thanks for your comments and feedback
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    Looking forward to this!

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