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    Promotional Servers - Resellers Wanted !

    Offer expired
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    Package 4
    Dual P4 2.4 Ghz
    4 GB DDR Ram
    2 X 36 GB SCSI
    600 GB of Data Transfer or 2 Mbps capped
    APC Remote Reboot
    Redhat Linux 7.3
    128 IPs

    Setup: $525.00
    Monthly: $525.00

    i was recently told the only way to get dual p4's were if they were xeon's and this does'nt say xeon so could you clarify if this is in fact true or if you posted wrong?

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    Le me double check on that. But as far as hardware is concerned, P4 non Xeon and P4 Xeon do have difference in terms of cost and performance. Let me double check on the specs of the M/B.

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    P4 Dual Non Xeon???

    Did not know this one was possible.

    Whats the motherboard your using?
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    Let me double check on the info given by the hardware vendor on that. Otherwise, I will just replace that offer with a Dual P4 Xeon at the same price or with a light marginal increase.

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    Make sure you have full systems in place to manage the client base and have things running smoothly before you offer to the public.

    I am starting off a server company here. I am planning to offer these unmanaged servers as promotional offers. Please PM or email for more info.
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    For your info, these server specs are ready to go. What I meant by 'I am planning..... ' , just plan to offer those specs. Clients can request for customised specs . I have already started setting up clients there. These servers are ready to go in 72 hours after payment is received/sent.

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    There are several interested parties who contacted me regarding reselling. The latest offer for resellers would be at the same price (setup and monthly), but they get one more month free So, if resellers pay the above fees, they get two months, not one. Hence, free setup for them, but minimum duration is 2 months.

    Clients who are interested to get the special deal for resellers can PM me for more info. I can do this till end of the month. Same price, but you get 2 months instead of 1 month (base servers only)

    Special Win2k package: $65/month for all 4 options.

    By the way, anyone interested in these servers with Internap or Abovenet bandwidth?
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    Re: Promotional Servers - Resellers Wanted !

    Originally posted by Ericwenlong
    Hi guys,


    Win2k Packages:
    Opt 1: Win2K Server/Adv. Server - $35 Setup, $35/month
    Opt 2: MS SQL 2000 - $35 Setup, $35/month
    Opt 3: Imail 7.13 Unlimited - $35 Setup, $35/month
    Opt 4: Macromedia Cold Fusion 5 - $35 Setup, $35/month


    Unless there is a 5 CAL pack for Win2k Advanced Server available that I'm not aware of, the 25 Cal Win2k Adv. server costs around $2500 on average.

    And Cold Fusion 5 I think is what.... about $800? And SQL 2k is around $900 or so ?

    That's pretty cheap to finance such high dollar software for so little.

    But this is all legit software with legal licenses for each copy loaded right?

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    I thought so.

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