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    Scheduling on Windows Hosts

    Besides using ASP and the Application variables to have some script run at a certain time, do most Windows hosts allow for scheduling through Windows for their hosting customers?

    I think the answer would be yes for dedicated servers and no for shared, but I am just curious. The reason why I ask is because I am building this mailing list and autoresponder management software in ASP, but it would need to have certain code run at least daily to send out messages at the set send date.

    What do you think? Thanks,

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    I KNow Linux has one, it's called CronTab, But i am not sure if windows Has that, i would ask the Hoster and see if he could set it up for you if he doesnt already have it. I am sure there is something out there.

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    Well Windows has at/task scheduling, but I was wondering if shared hosts usually allow their clients to use it.

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