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    Has anyone had any experience with

    I've done a search, but couldn't find much info. Thanks.
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    I have and hosted on

    I've been with them for just under a month now and there was one tiny problem another client caused running server intensive scripts which brought the server down, but they moved those clients and the server was brought back up promptly. I have experienced good support from hostmatix though, they're always at hand, especially Andy and Emily. I've not had any major downtime problems since the rogue client a few weeks back and I think hostmatix is pretty reliable

    So just check out: for examples.
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    Hostmatix is....

    The most honest hosting company I have ever dealt with.

    I started a reseller account with the gang at hostmatix several months ago. Let me tell you they are the best. The level of tech support they offer is awesome. I have never, not one time I tell you, been unable to talk with tech support in under two minutes.

    The uptime is very good also.

    You should give them a try you wont be dissapointed.

    Trust me, I have over fifty domains hosted with them, I TRUST my business with hostmatix and you can to!

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    They rock!

    Hostmatix is 100% hands down a great hosting company.

    I have had an account there for a while now, and have ZERO issues. They CHAT me to see if things are ok. Now what kind of service is that? The best I have ever had.

    The server I am on has been very reliable, fast and responsive. Never has had any issues that I am aware of.

    They have this live chat thing where you can chat live 24/7 with there tech support people. Thats really cool, cause the hold times are really low. I am always able to talk to techs within minutes if not seconds.

    These guys are top notch.

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    give them a try, good posts here about them.... they look promising, and i guess these posts are a good proof though.

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    I've had them for just over a month, and no big issues, small dns prob, which was fixed quickley.
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