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    Angry Mercury Hosting (MEHosting) Where are you ?

    Hello all, I wish to issue an APB, Anyone have any idea where Jason, has vanished too. A few of his customers have had unaswered Emails, support tickets, (his forums are not used much) for a week now. During the week his main site was down for a day, then things didn't work on it. I know they were going to be making a big annoucement soon(my last email). But this is getting unexcusable. Just wondering before I start a war if anyone has any knowledge of him running off with Kevin(HP) for another vacation or something

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    I should open an ex-host resort in the maldives. =)

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    Originally posted by PhillA
    I should open an ex-host resort in the maldives. =)
    great idea. i think you'd have no worries filling it!

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