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    Windows IIS problem


    I have a w2k iis server here and this is what happens

    when we access http://localhost/virtualdiretoryname
    It appears fine

    But when we put it as

    A popup window opens asking for password

    The standard one which asks for username / password / domain

    Now the directory security properties are also fine ,

    Allowed Anonymous access , Account used for anonymous access = iusr_machinname

    and Integrated windows authentication is enabled.

    So not able to access the site through anywhere else but the same machine as localhost

    What can be wrong


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    this is solved now

    How stupid of me not to check the folder permissions
    The folder permission was set to Administrator

    I just moved it to everyone full control ( Just in security and not in share) and its fine now

    I dont know how it happened though

    how did i not check it earlier


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