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Thread: Host own DNS

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    Host own DNS

    I have a dedicated server and 2 redundant IP. How can I host my own DNS?? Plz. tell me as detail as possible. Thnx for ur help.

    P.S: I use Webmin 0.980 with BIND DNS 9.2.

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    There are probably more broken DNS servers out there than anything else, now that sendmail disallows relay by default.
    will get you started and
    will help you grow.

    But if the plan is to use webmin the whoile way through you may be screwed - I don't know if that can be done.
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    Red face

    both of those links seem to be about unix only.
    I have setup a DNS server on my windows 2k server (static IP) but my registrar won't recognize my new DNS settings. I figure if i just put my DNS settings as the primary and leave the secondary as it is, at least it will still find my site if primary doesn't work.
    I've tried 2 things w/ my registrar:
    using (which i setup on my server)
    and using my ip address won't let me change to either. PLS HELP!!!

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    You have to register your 2 ips at your registrant. The is a namesver section, not for your domains, but to register ips to name servers.
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