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    Angry Problems with PayPal. Please help.

    Hi all webhoster's out there.

    I got a problem.

    I run a hosting company and I've never recived any complaints before but I gues it will happend everyone someday.

    The thing is this:
    One customer orderd an account 3days back and everything seemed good. I sent him a "welcome" mail and all that and told him that he could reach our support on ICQ and such.

    Then, it all started to go wrong. It normaly takes 24 hours for us to setup an account since I will have to forward the order. But this guy wanted things going even faster and said so in a nice way in a mail right away. I've given him a perfect support so far and I told him that we will get this account up and running within a day (told him actually at 11.30 GMT time wich is just 12 hours of waiting for him). And as said. 11.45 he recived is account and I conciderd this problem as "soloved".

    Then the next day I recive another mail, but this time from PayPal where they tell me that I've recived an complaint and that I might lose my account and everything if this ain't soloved within 24 hours. My first thought was that this has to be something wrong. Afterall I had not done anything wrong. But there was nothing that was protecting me(the seller) at all in this matter.

    Anyway, there was a "respons" url where I could respond with my own version of this matter, but when I click on that link I only get an error msg. And I only got 10 days to respond on, and the first days is already gone.

    I am actually kinda angry at the moment so please disregard if i "flame" someone a bit or something.

    But my question is WHAT SHALL I DO?

    This is more looking like a joke to me then reality.

    Shall I post the mails that has been sent to the customer and to me perhaps?. or that might be wrong I gues. Anyway I got all the mails and such ready to send to paypal, IF they respond to me in anyway, wich they seem to be very SLOW with to do.

    Am I Alone with this problem or is there more webhosts out there that has experienced this problem ?

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    Well, if you have ten days to respond; why worry?
    If you can't get their link worked out, call them.
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    Well Why is the customer reporting you to PayPal? Explain to PayPal,Delete the customers account,Or Is this not good action?

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    Answer is really simple

    Refund their money....delete their account. A customer who would do this up front is only going to cause more trouble down the road. Get rid of them now.

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    Post Re: Answer is really simple

    Originally posted by Incognito
    Refund their money....delete their account. A customer who would do this up front is only going to cause more trouble down the road. Get rid of them now.
    Well Said!

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    yeah I refounded the money right away ofcourse.

    But I realy hate it when things like this happends. Oooh well you all know the fealing I gues.

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    Yep, yep. Ditch this person. As long as you do what you promise, anything else is extra. I'd be leary of someone who wants it done sooner than that, and I wouldn't comprimise my server that other customers are on for that one customer.
    One customer who is that demanding will take the time and resources of ten customers who expect only what you promise.
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