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    Bad Experience:

    Well I hate to post it, but this would be my first bad experience with any company on the web that I can recall. I order alot of computer components through various hardware wholesalers, and I deceided to give Buyxtremegear a chance as they had some interesting prices. So I talked with my buddy, who was going to order a video card through them, and I told him to pick me up a hard drive, along with his video card. To make a story short.

    Product Ordered:
    Friday, September 27th.

    I received a confirmation of my order that same day, in this email, it said I will receive an email within 48 hours with the package tracking information. (Also they state on their site that all items are shipped within 48 hours).

    October 2nd:
    I log onto their site and input my customer number to see if it shipped and maybe I missed the email. And to my surprise it had not even been shipped yet. I said to myself, I will give them two days.

    October 4th:
    I log into the customer area again, and finally it has shipped. Though they did not supply me with a tracking number

    October 13th:
    Package still not here, it rarely takes longer than 9-10 days for wholesale companies to ship out products. I email them, asking them for more information such as where the package is. 24 hours later, I got an email from the guy, telling me stuff I already knew(such as package is in transit), he was not helpfull, and all he did was copied and pasted what it said in their customer area(which I already had access too).

    Next Day or so....
    I emailed these people, only to receive no help what so ever. I emailed over and over, trying to get an answer.

    October 16th:
    I guess the owner calls, leaves a message telling me to call him reguarding my order. I called the first time, waited on hold for 20 minutes. Called 10 more times it was busy. Called twice more, nobody picked up. Called again left on hold for 30 minutes. Called back and finally got someone. And this is the best part...

    The guy tells me, that we have a problem. The Guy "We shipped your order to some other guy, and we shipped his order to you, there was a screw up in the packaging procedure."

    I say, okay well can you overnight or second day me our order, as I have waited very long and have not received any help from you. He then tells me he will 3day it to me(well actually 5 day, due to weekend). I agree, he then says "I will have to put a charge on your credit card, until you send back this other guys stuff, that is on its way."

    I dunno, the situation sucks.
    Sorry for the long typage.
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    Before you purchase a product, always do your homework.

    Check out to see the ratings for the company you're purchasing from.

    In this case, BuyXtremeGear has a 4.47 average ( -- Which should give off a warning sign, not to buy from.

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    Thanks for the heads up progex, I will definately check into that reseller rating website, good stuff, thanks.
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