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    Need PHP/MySQL web application developer


    I'm looking to have a job board developed. I currently have a job site, but the actual web application is licensed through an ASP (application service provider) where I have pay a yearly license fee. So I would need to recreate its current functions and migrate legacy data to the newly developed app.

    Anyways, I'm looking for good designer/developer or company to have this application developed. Features will be similar to monster or hotjobs. Would like a nice administration interface to control billing and site functions.

    Some requirements for this application:
    1) Proper coding techniques
    2) HTML 4.01 compliant
    3) Clean, simple interface
    4) Secure
    5) Search engine friendly

    I don't have a definitive budget for this project but am aware that this is not an easy project, so I'm realistic too. I don't expect it to be done for free hosting or anything like that (like some of the requests I have seen on this board).

    I love simple clean designs like the following (minimal graphic design):

    I don't care what part of the world you're in, just would like it easy for me to communicate with you and to properly pay you (I can't pay you in a herd of goats ). Would also like some examples of comparable (in complexity) work and maybe a few references.

    If you think this project looks like something you're interested in, please contact me for additional information. No need to give me a bid just yet, I'd like to see your portfolio's first.

    <email address removed by request>

    Thanks for reading!
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    Hi, just wanted to update. I have found a company for this project. Thanks everyone for your interest!

    I posted on multiple boards and the company I selected was a lead from this board.

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    Job Site.

    Good Luck.

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