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    Open Positions


    I am on a limited budget so I am looking for someone who is willing to work with me on the positions below, please communicate via email or private messages (preferably private messages)

    Thank You

    This is what I need within the next 48 hrs

    A logo

    Assistance in creating an ad that is 785w X 485h, 300 DPI

    A template for a site


    Im looking for the below as an point of reference so to speak, will explain further one on one, via private message/email

    A Designing Company

    A company that offers dedicated / colo servers that has a 99.5% uptime or better and allows Adult hosting (100 gb min bw)

    A Marketing Firm/Consultant

    thanks for your time and hope to you hear from you

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    I would like to assist you! I am selling these designs: Design One
    I like this one, Its sort of silvery, fast and higly original. This design included customisation for plans and title and copyright only. CSS, slicing, photoshop & fireworks files, and HTML files included. Asking price=$65 Design Two
    This design is also original and blue, white AND silver. I will customize all the text only. All files (e.g. html, css, photoshop, fireworks, slicing ect.) included. Asking Price=$70 Design Three
    This design is my only design which includedes mouseovers and a subpage for free. The website is down at the moment unfortunately All files included (sorry, no CSS). Customization of the text, logo etc included. Asking price = $50 Design Four
    Also original, all files included and customization. Asking price = $50

    For $10-$30 I do logos:

    I do custom templates which YOU own all the files and rights to from $20.

    To buy a design, email me [email protected] with the design you want. You may be able to bargain me down a little bit.

    I will not resell these designs agian, you own the rights once you buy.

    If you can not afford to pay me in cash (via paypal or check/money order) I will accept web hosting. Web hosting is also acceptable.

    I also sell the following extras:

    Colour Change = $10
    Sub page = $25
    Additional Page = $12 (for 3)

    All prices in US dollars.

    I am currently doing a design for 'swell host':
    It's a low quality screenshot, and their on a tight budget too.

    PM me: whatever
    MSN: [email protected]
    Email: [email protected]

    I have emailed you now.
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    Site Design (depending on time) from $50 to $200
    Logo $15
    contact me at any of my IMs or my email if you are interested...

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    Follow Up - Newer Request

    Ok here is the request, I have a template that has been given to me in exchange for service, I am very low on funds at this time so I really dont have cash to offer but I can offer services or possibly an agreement for payment at a later time

    I need the template broken down and modify just a tad to be placed on the internet for my site

    Any help would be greatly appreaciate, please email or pm me

    Thanks in advance for any help and thanks for reading this

    Web Hosting, VPS, Dedicated Servers, Low Cost Domains!!
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