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    Shared SSL/Multiple servers-1 domain

    I was wondering if anyone can tell me how this is done...

    If I have 2 servers, and I am getting a cert for each, and I want the cert to be for for server 1 and for server 2, how do I set them up?

    The people in SSL cert support told me that the domain did not have to be on either server, but I don't understand how this will work!

    I have seen others do this, but I'm not sure how to setup the domain on each server. Does anyone know?


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    51 would resolve to ip would resolve to ip

    you just need to set up dns to resolve to those two ip's.

    you can then have a ssl cert on each server once you generate a csr/key for each subdomain.

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    I guess then my question is how do I set subdomains to go to different servers? (And assign them their own IPs on those servers).

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    Nobody knows?

    Or they just don't want to share.

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