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    They apparently do exist.

    Do a search for them. (I have heard some bad feedback previously.)

    Here is an address. [email protected] (Send it to attention Marvin.) Good luck getting a refund.

    Keep us posted here. If you paid by credit card and absolutly can not work it out with the merchant, you might have to resort to a chargeback. But try to contact them again before you do that.

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    Sill have no respon from [email protected]

    Thanks for the respon,
    I haven't got any respon from, even I send them 1 fax and 3 email in diference days.


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    If you want to give me...

    some of the details. Just the basics. I will see if I can contact someone there on your behalf.

    Failing that you might have to do a chargeback if they are not going to be refunding you.

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems. It's never fun to pay for something and then not get the value for it.

    I'll leave you my email in your in box, and see what I can do.

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    * E-mail from Paul Kaplan(Liveplanets.Com)

    Dear Sir,
    Please read the email bellow from Paul Kaplan from LivePlanets.Com using [email protected] email address. Date 09/21/2002 Time 7:17 PM
    For your refference



    YOur account will be cancelled within 24 hours. Please allow 7 to 10
    business days in order to receive your refund to your credit card. We
    are sorry we could not be of great service, at least to you. Thanks
    and good luck.

    Paul Kaplan

    > Dear Sir/Madam,
    > I want to thank you for the services, but I want to cancel my
    account, This is
    > beacause of "Lack of support email" and not satisfied especialy for
    > respon. Please give me my money back as your promise.
    > ishak,

    -- Sales Team

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    Ok. I will send an email, see how things go..

    and if it works out great. If not you will have to cancel the account, and have your bank get the funds back for you if they can.

    I will forward your letter and see if I can get some sort of response. I will let you know how it goes.

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    Long time ago I mean a long time ago. I tried liveplanets. there were down all the time support was horrible and the one guy who claimed there was more workers was the worst voice impressionator ever. lol After I canceled they tried to charge me twice for one month. Told them I would press charges and everything was good.
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    Well at least something works.

    I am hoping for a reasonable and responsible response. Failing that then other options will have to be employed.

    But I hope this can be worked out in a reasonable manner. It' s pretty bad having to wait a month for credit on an account.

    Also sounds like everything has been tried by icak so hopefully a reasonable external responsible email will do the trick. Let's hope so.

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