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    * Nice templates being auctioned!

    Hello everyone,

    I have a few templates I made before and I decided to auction them off right here! They all include the psd file, sliced images, html, and minor customizations.Once you buy a template, you own it and can do anything you want to it. I am going to be adding a few more templates soon so keep checking back.

    Template 1: Currently: $55.00 Total Bids: 1 Bids. ends 10.21.02

    Template 2: Currently: $58.00 Total Bids: 3 Bids. ends 10.21.02

    Template 4: Currently: $50.00 Total Bids: 1 Bids. ends 10.21.02

    I will be updating the current prices a few times daily. Please PM me your bid or even post it here, and be sure to include your email address.I accept the following forms of payment: Check, money order, or Paypal (I'm not the biggest fan of Paypal, but I'll use it).Thanks!
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    hmmm.... not a whole lot of bidding going on.

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    prohaps you should watch the prices you set.

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