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    * How long did it take for H-Sphere....

    How long did it take H-Sphere to install your software?

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    around 24-48 hours ... first day for instaling and 2nd for testing

    and u do mean PSOFT or by yourself ? | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    Yeah. Generally 48 hours. BTW, they dont do install during the weekend.

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    Well before I start to rant and rave I'll wait and see if it gets installed tonight.

    Can anyone tell me if PSoft or their resellers did any installs this week?

    This would be from 10-14 to 10-19.

    Also has anyone noticed that reseller of H-Sphere get their installs installed later than people who go straight through PSoft?

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    If you got your licenses through a reseller, shouldn't the reseller be responsible for installing it?


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    Well, according to the reseller PSoft has to do something before they can finish the install. To be honest I will spill my guts out tomorrow if I haven't an install by tomorrow. Because this has been the most unlogical experience I've had in a long time.

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    i would have suggested u go staight thru psoft ... no offense to others ... but they are the TRUE guru's ... and know al the tricks of their trades | mailto: [email protected] | ASP.NET-MS SQL-Cold Fusion hosting| Cheap domain registration | MSN : [email protected] |

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    Well I got a substantial discount.

    Plus when I first notified PSoft of my installation request I told them I had a limited number of servers and that some of them were live and to please notify me of the install time so I could put fresh installs on the live servers.

    They just responded with an e-mail that said they couldn't install on live servers.

    I responded that I just needed an ETA to bring them down because one of the servers hosted a site in memory of a friend who was lost on 9-11. (I just had to put it on another server and the DNS hasn't propagated). I got no response.

    So I called them and they said they would be able to do it right away.

    Well during my wait for their response I found a discounted offer from a resellr here on WHT. I e-mailed them and they were very prompt and communicated well.

    So I took down the live servers and did fresh installs.

    Now durig this time I kept reiterating the point about and to let me know if they were not going to be able to install so I could make other arrangements.

    It wasn't until 1:00 AM EST did I find out that I wasn't going to get installed.

    Naturally I was a little upset, they could have told me days ago.

    The reseller kindly defended PSoft and explained the emergency patch for they were constructing.

    Another thing that I don't understand is why they don't allow us to download the necessary packages so they will be on the machine when they perform the install. This would save them a considerable amount of time.

    So the moral of the story is Due Diligence, I should have not trusted them to perform install and I should have went ahead and made arrangements for my sites.

    But on the other hand just a little honest communication from PSoft would have help considerably.

    I'm a Software Architect by trade and I only wanted to automate my existing servers and be able to use those resources for users other than my clients and my development, this is why I didn't mind having the servers down and neither did my clients. But only for two days.

    So instead of spending time with my kids this morning I was building and configuring a server and updating DNS.

    I'm still going with HSphere because from what I can tell they have the superior cp for the money and entry level.

    But I share this so you don't make the same mistakes I made and hopefully H-Sphere can avoid similar issues too.

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