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    FTP Solution...

    Hi there, im just doing some research on a project under development. How many of you hosts get support tickets asking how do they FTP into there space, what FTP program to use, whats the ftp address? Depending on the outcome of this post, i may be able to develop a solution to all these problems.

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    Many problems with FTP, all solved - but here is one that really stumped me last year:

    A Chicago based customer with a game site. I hosted him on my VenuturesOnline dedicated but he could not FTP in with any of his 5 FTP clients or conections. VO support tried everything but he was the only customer I had who ever had that problem.

    I transfered his site to my C-I host dedicated and it worked fine, despite the fact that even I have trouble with FTP there.

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    weird, well i have an idea, that would be great..and would probably be popular with hosts around here, but need the experties to help me program it.


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