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    Question Preferred Reseller?

    I have been looking at reseller packages to host my 5 personal domains. I'm hoping to find objective experiences about the 3 resellers I'm considering: (HostAreUs)

    I have done a WHT search on these particular 3, but one of the hosts seemed to have a "fan" that wrote the same exact (copy & paste) comment about the host...which I found odd. Another host only had a few comments about their reseller program - though they had more comments made about their regular web-hosting services - and the other host didn't really have the comments I was looking for - but seemed to be quite likable. Any thoughts?

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    I've heard about weblinenet..a guy called Faculty here just got a server from them and they're quite satisfied with the service as far as I know..
    Of course you could do a price/options comparision between the three and see which of them satisfies your hosting needs
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