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    What do you look for in a template ?

    I have designed many templates which I have sold here on WHT, I have never got a lot for them; the most is about $100 but then I see a template people are fighting over and gets sold for a couple of hundred.

    Could people let me know what elements they like in a design and maybe point out a few designs they like?



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    if you want to make money with the templates that you have made, WHT is the wrong place. the best place to see any kind of good money would be local business's.

    the ones you see people fighting over are ones that just look good. most of the time, and i do mean "most" in the very sense of the word, the designs do not cater to the targeted audience that the company wants to go after. in my eye's, that is money well wasted. but that's not my money...

    i have noticed that if you want to sell a design template on WHT and any other forums on the net as this, you have to make it look "cool". bad general term, i know. but that is the truth. it just has to look good and reach the borders on being edgy. keep colors simple and not too bright. being somewhat clean helps as well.

    the cliff notes version: design it to look cool, neat, clean, and somewhat flashy. better to sell your design to local business's.

    hope that helps.

    good luck and take care.

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    I think a lot of companies are going with PixelBrick or at least trying to immitate that look is the website in case you were wondering.

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    Neat, clean, well organized, unique, and good, clean code would be tops on my list. There are far too many look-alike sites out there right now.

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