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    Does Macromedia MX support ASP on Apache with MySql.
    Below is output of installed modules on my Linux server.

    Apache::ASP Apache::ASP:tate
    Apache::ASP::Request Apache::ASP::Request Apache::ASP:erver
    Apache::ASP Apache::ASP Apache::ASP:ate
    Apache::ASP::CollectionItem Apache::ASP::CollectionItem Apache::ASP
    Apache::ASP::Application Apache::ASP::Application Apache::ASP::GlobalASA
    Apache::ASP::CGI Apache::ASP::CGI Apache::ASP:ession
    Apache::ASP::Lang:erlScript Apache::ASP::Lang:erlScript


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    What do you mean by Macromedia MX? What specific product are you referring to? Cold Fusion MX? JRun MX? Flash MX? In what context must it support Apache::ASP?
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    Sorry, Dreamweaver MX

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    But the only non .NET ASP models DMX has are Vbscript and Jscript, which I personally find kind of frustrating. DMX will support Asp/Perlscript if your <% brackets are there on some level. But syntax highlighting won't work rifght, and it may try to place an <[email protected]%> tag at the top of your document. That being said, if you are wiliing to deal with that one extra line of code the program may insert into your document, you can write your own server behaviors which will work marvelously under DMX.

    Hope that answers your question.
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